Laser Tattoo Removal at Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal

Rethink is the leading laser tattoo removal provider in Rochester, New York. We use cutting-edge laser technology that can eliminate all tattoo colors and safely treat all skin types.

There are several reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo. Regardless of what yours is, Rethink’s aim is to help you reach your goal. We are judgment-free and customer-driven, meaning we’ll do everything we can to fade or completely remove your tattoo while embracing your removal story.

Our mission is to restore your confidence. To give space for something new. A more meaningful tattoo, or to reclaim your original skin. No matter what your goals are, we tailor every treatment to meet your individual need while building a relationship along the way. To Rethink is self love, it’s impermanence.

Skin Experts of Rochester, New York

All our laser tattoo removal practitioners are Certified Laser Specialists (CLS) and Laser Safety Officers (LSO) who received expert training from New Look Laser College. They are professionally qualified to remove tattoos and operate advanced Q-switched laser technology to ensure the safest treatments and most effective results.

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